Amazon Prime Day 2018

Prime Day is a very special day for Amazon and its many customers. The deals for a day and half are huge and are highly advertised to make a lot of money fast. In fact, like on Black Friday, its not odd to see many deals selling out within minutes of starting. Normal days on Amazon are not even close to that. The day this past year (2018) was July 16th which was a Monday. Yes, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken a backseat to this made-up shopping holiday by Amazon!

That said, it should be noted that Prime day is only available to Prime members. To become one of these you either need to buy a subscription for a year or pay per month.  I used to pay per year and even received a few deals doing so, but have not since the big price increase per year. Instead, have been paying per month for the past year or so.

What are the big ticket items during this special sale? Mostly smart devices and tech products. You can find items such as TVs, smart phones, Kindle and Echo devices, as well as a wide variety of other items. I just bought the items listed below this past year. Have to say the Personal Coffee Maker has been my favorite so far by a huge margin! The Fire TV, which was the most popular item sold during Prime Day 2018, has not been used here yet.

Echo Buttons (2 Pack for $14.99)

Plackers Night Guards (Lightning Deal for $11.63)

Amazon Cloud Cam ($59.99)

Fire TV Stick ($19.99)

Personal Coffee Maker (Lightning Deal for $15.39)

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