Group Coupons

A list of social coupon sites where a certain number of of purchases must be made before the deals will kick in. This is more of a recent phenomenon than other forms of coupons. Most of the services and products are for very large cities. Most of the coupons have to be claimed within one day before they expire, but usually have an overall expiration date that lasts for many months.

For example, you can buy $20 worth of seafood for $10 at Blank’s Seafood if 10 other people have purchased this special. You then wait until the deal closes before the Coupon Site will send you a voucher that you submit to the Restuarant when you are ready for your seafood!

Groupon – The original social coupon site. Groupon negotiates huge discounts (50-90% off) with a wide selction of businesses. You get the discount if enough people (a group) accept the offer.

Living Social -  Another very popular social coupon site. LivingSocial offers a deal every day in major cities for as much a 90% discount on restaurants, bars, spas, and theaters.

BargainBee – Serves up discounts in smaller cities and areas in Texas and Louisiana. You only have so long to take advantage of each deal.

The Deal Map – Allows you to get amazing deals sent to you wherever you are.

HomeRun - Social coupon site with a slight baseball theme. You hit home runs and make big steals with local deals.

Deal Pulp – DealPulp is online and nationwide. This site already has over 100,000 members looking for daily deals.

Thrillist - The Thrillist is more limited in terms of cities and audience than most of the other sites listed here. The Thrillist targets very niche and hard-to-find deals only.  Currently, the company only focuses on about 20 cities.