Auctions are one of the best ways to buy various merchandise. You just have to be the top bidder to get whatever you are after. However, it should be noted that regular auctions differ from storage auctions in many ways. First, you can usually inspect and touch the merchandise before the Auction starts. Most auctions have preview times for just that purpose. Secondly, you know or should know exactly what are you are bidding on. Minus something like box lots, there should be no mystery like storage auctions. Most importantly for some, regular auctions take more than just cash. Using a credit card is much easier than carrying around a lot of cash.

Which Auctions Are The Best?

The best auction would be the closest one to you that sells that items that you are interested in and where you like the auctioneer and the setup of the auction the most. However, it rarely works out that way. For example, my favorite auction was/is about an hour away. The ‘was’ is thrown in there because although the auction is still going on, it has moved from it’s previous location. Nevertheless, it had the best setup of any auction and featured more “manly’ stuff than all the other auctions. Even better, the prices were not that high on the final bids. My first night there, I filled up my entire car for just $26. The point being is that you have to enjoy the auction and focus on the ones you enjoy the most.

What To Avoid At Auctions?

The first thing to keep in mind is to never get emotional. It can not only cost you money, but also start trouble. Auctioneers will not tolerate trouble makers and continuing to bid to spite somebody else will always bite you back when you least want it to. Do you know why? Because the ones you bid up will do the same thing to you! Thus, you go from getting an item at a good price to a virtual boxing match. That is bad for business.

Have any auction stories? Feel free to share them here!

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